The yellow green story

So I went to Sarojini nagar market this weekend and saw this awesome pair of flats (are they called flats? I am illiterate in shoe terminology) at a newly open showroom, Pellenium.


image courtesy: blog owner (fallenangelsdiary)

And then I was browsing an online websie, where I cam across this same color combonation top.


What a co-Incidence!!

In other news, I had a fun time shopping at Saroijni Nagar market this weekend. It was hot and humid but then nothing can stop a girl from shopping.
Apart from flea market shopping, I bought two awesome pair of heels. Completely made my day. Will post the pics and details of shopping haul in the next post.

And and I received my courier from today. Really impressed with the handbag. Pics to follow in the next post.